Update: DATEV integration

We have realized an integration with DATEV. With this integration you can easily import your worked hours into your DATEV environment. You can find this integration underneath, “Settings” “Integrations” and clicking on “DATEV” here you can click on, “+ Add a DATEV link” set this up. Information about the use […]

Update: Flexpool

In recent weeks we have been working on the realization of a flexpool functionality. Now you have a flexible group of employees that can be used. With the flexpool functionality you can easily compensate for shortages. You can easily set up a flexpool and provide a solution with flexible employees. […]

Update: Weather forecast

In recent periods we have worked hard on the weather forecast. From now on you can display the weather forecast for 14 days ahead in your schedule. In this way you can specify a location for each department and futher improve your planning! You can easily specify a location. You […]

Update: register absence hours per day

With our latest update it’s now possible to register absence hours per day. This means that absence will now pre-filled in the daily absence hours based on contract or schedule when an absence is spread out over multiple days. This also means absence hours will be better recorded in the […]

News: Our product name is going to change

In 2011 we started our product with the name HorecaSysteem and shortly after with PersoneelsSysteem. From that period on we’ve been through an enormous growth and we’ve always had a strong focus on our product. In the meantime on an international scale we’ve put down an enormous competitive product and […]

Update: Open shifts

From now on it’s possible that when you approve an absence, the shifts that are during that absence can be placed to the open shifts! That way the shifts are being preserved and can immediately be rescheduled.

Update: ATW check by ORTEC (for the Dutch market)

In collaberation with ORTEC we built an integration to check the schedules on the working time law. The control and administration of the ATW/CAO laws is under management of ORTEC. At this moment the integration has a check for the working time law and the catering industry CAO. Other CAO […]

Update: Searching for an employee

From now on it is possible to search for an employee in the schedule! To search for an employee please head towards the menu “Schedule” and click in the top right on the “View” button. Here you can search for the employee.

Update: Import employees

Employees can now be imported with the use of a CSV or Excel file. In that way you can easily import new employees. The import functionality can be found in the menu “Employees”, then click on the arrow in the top right next to the button “+Add employee”. More information […]

Update: Declining open shifts

From now on it is possible to decline an open shift. This way an employee can pick up or reject an open shift with the push of a button! In the notifications of the mobile app they can now directly take care of their open shifts.