Vacation calculation

Vacation calculation
Accumulated vacation hours per worked hour. This includes hours that employees are sick or on holiday when  the calculation of vacation hours is based on hours worked.

Vacation hours buildup
When an employee works he or she is entitled to vacation. The vacation hours can be accumulated based on contract hours, worked hours or no buildup. The holiday hours in ShiftBase are automatically calculated and shown clearly under “My Absence”. Here an employee can see the current accumulated hours, reserved hours and final balance of that year or till the last contract day.

Within each contract type the buildup can be stated. These settings can be found under: “Settings” > “Employees” > “Contract types”. Here you will find every available contract and by using the pencil on the right it can be edited.

  • Contract hours
  • Worked hours
  • No calculation

For calculating the vacation hours you can specify how this should be done. Based on worked hours, contract hours or no calculation, in case it has already been included into the employee’s salary.

Vacation-hours calculation
In each employee’s contract the vacation calculation can be set.
These settings can be found under:

  • “Employee” tab > “Click on a employee”> “Contracts”, next click the pencil next to contract you want to edit.

This will give you an overview of the employee’s current contract. Clicking on the pencil to the right lets you edit the contract.

The vacation hours are build up on the base on the vacation calculation. For example, the employee has a fixed contract, and his holiday hours buildup is done by contract hours. In this given example of a fixed contract and 40 hour work week and the number of vacation days per year is known, we can get the get the vacation calculation.

Assuming that an employee has a 40 hour work week and 25 vacation days a year.

Here are a few standard vacation calculation, when the number of yearly vacation days is known.

Vacation days                                         Vacation calculation

20                                                              0.0769230769
21                                                              0.0807692308
22                                                              0.0846153846
23                                                              0.0884615385
24                                                              0.0923076923
25                                                              0.0961538462

Managing the vacation hours of your employees can be done under: “Employees” tab > “Click on the relevant employee”> “Absence”. Here you will find an overview of vacation hours and all absentees. For example, a new absence can be added or a correction can be made.

Correction vacation hours
A correction can be made on the vacation hours. Usefull for setting an initial balance. All absentees can be managed in this overview, at the bottem of the page you will find “+ Add correction” button.

  • Add correction
  • Pay out vacation hours

Here you can specify the date on which the correction should be added. Note! This date must fall within the employee’s contract. In case of a negative correction, a “-” must be used. We recommend to add a note with every correction.


Requesting a vacation
Employees can apply for vacation by using the app or website. Under “My absence”, employees can request absence. “Request time off”, here employees can request a vacation, in this overview they will also find an overview of their vacation hours.


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