Exchange requests

Employees can “trade” shifts. The exchange of shifts is giving your own shift to a colleague in your department. It is not required to also receive a shift in this exchange.
An exchange request will generate an e-mail and push message that is sent to the selected colleagues which are not on the schedule themselves.

A colleague can then accept this shift; first-come, first-served. When the employees have mutually agreed on an exchange, it still needs approval for it to be finalized.

As the planner, you will receive a notification of the mutually agreed exchange request.

Note! The exchange is only final after approval of a planner/manager.

Requesting an exchange
From your “Schedule” tab or “My schedule” in the dashboard you can send an exchange request. Click on the shift you want to exchange and then click on “Request exchange”.

Here you can select the employees you want to send the request to. There is also room to add a description to the request.

When a exchange request is send, it can be recognized by the two arrows in the shift.

My pending exchanges
You can find an overview of exchange requests you have submitted by clicking on your name and choosing “My requests”. On this page you can edit your requests and follow their progress.

Incoming exchange requests
The incoming exchange requests can be found in the mobile app under “My Exchanges”, but also in the desktop version by clicking on your name. Here you can accept or decline the received exchange request.

Approving Exchanges
When the employees have mutually agreed on an exchanged, it still needs approval to finalize the exchange.
As a manager, click on your name and open “Requests (1)”. Once the exchange has been approved, this shift will be moved to the new owner.


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